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Koala technology

The result of years of interdisciplinary researches and specific experiences in the field of air depollution is the design and realisation of a global innovating nano-technology, which is able to depollute air in confined spaces and to significantly improve, through prevention, the quality and length of life.
The Koala® technology is the only indoor air depolluting system using nano-filtration devices, protected by an international patent acting on the various polluting agents depending on their physical status (solid, gaseous, microbiological and electronic).

The heart of Koala nano-technology is represented by a peculiar multiple filtration system consisting of the following parts:

All particles are collected by a metal plate, where an ozone-free germicidal lamp, sterilises and removes all biological organisms.
All these parts together are controlled by an electronic control unit, the functions of which are, in all or in part, automatically controlled.

Koala is the best solution to the effects on the human body caused by air pollution inside living and working environments, defined as “Koala® system for indoor air sanitation”.

Koala® is the only device which is able, by applying nano-technology to air filtration, to continuously stop all polluting particles, even those with sizes lower than PM10 and PM2,5, up to 10 nanometres.
Its unique technological performance makes it possible to obtain optimal results in indoor air quality, with no side effects on occupants and respecting the concepts of environmental friendliness and high energy saving design conformity established by the Standard UNI/10339 Aeraulic systems well-being/comfort/welfare - 1995 and Standard ASHRAE 62/’89 – Ventilation rate procedure/Indoor air quality procedure.

The Koala® technology was chosen by the Italian Navy as Standard for air quality and installed on its submarines »

Koala® is the only indoor air depolluting system.

Koala® is the only nano-technology for indoor air depollution.

A research and development project is being carried out for the realisation of a further evolution of the Koala technology, called Koala Technology Evolution.

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